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Блогът на scarlety :: Един летен спомен в снимки

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Globalization :: Гърци масово бягат в България

Globalization :: Гърци масово бягат в България: "- изпратено чрез Google Toolbar"Greek tragedy sent waves of "refugees" in Bulgaria. Having awakened from deep sleep to feel inhabitants of Greece after their painful transition from welfare and comfort to the cruel and ruthless crisis.

"Troika" - in the face of the IMF, the European Commission and European Central Bank manages the practice today Greece, Breast money as a dropper and it once made great and necessary reforms in the economy. Reforms reminiscent bold surgical hitherto unknown in Greece. Interestingly, now that people took to the streets not to raise a revolution, as happened in some other times, reacting against the increasingly restrictive measures. Apparently, the Greeks have decided that this is their fate, difficult and unbearable, which however will have to swallow.

Greece geek glamorous side with the unforgettable 2004 Olympic Games, with dozens of sports and infrastructure in order and beauty in all cities, unfortunately no longer exists. Lack of money does not allow for the repair of streets, to complete the already started construction sites, maintenance of boulevards and elementary change of road metal fences, hit by a car. Picture of Greek cities today is sad, now resembling the Third World with garbage and broken advertising posters, streamy wind, forgotten advertising billboards. For a Greek living abroad like me, this picture is a disaster, terrible, hopeless, crushing the natural beauty of the country and its people.

The crisis is very serious hit Greece. The state has stopped all costs, even for the smallest trifles, and the private sector is forced to limit significantly. Closed shops, businesses go bankrupt one after another. Citizens have the means to pay taxes, and entrepreneurs of all sizes due to a lot of money on insurance funds, but the worst is that some and not others and where to find them.

The government has begun titanic battle for the collection of money from every source under the name "combat tax evasion, which is actually against the fear of missing people from their income. And all this in order to obtain superskapiya tranche loan provided by the "Troika" IMF-ECB-European Commission and whose interest exceeds many such loans in international markets, which is 5%. This loan is virtually pure usury at institutional level on one hand, encountered temporary difficulties due to crisis .

The recession will deepen the effects of the crisis. People have stopped consumption and not spend their money, fearing for tomorrow. In such a situation, Greece has faced since 1980 when it became a member of the European Community, later renamed to the European Union. Not one Greek has never witnessed such a genuine economic typhoon over the past 30 years, and a whole generation was grown up knowing only the strong development of the country. Now, all you have to learn to live with the awareness of poverty caused by the crisis. Many companies go bankrupt, shops closed and many are pending with burdensome loans they now prefer to chop of his life.

This situation is continually growing and is expected to swell the crisis and stagnation to hit more before the economy to stabilize things. According to the Greek press, the unemployed are expected to reach 1.2 million people in late autumn this year, which means a percentage 20% or more of the total economically active population.

Greek companies now openly talking about his assignment in Cyprus and in Bulgaria, unless the government cut taxes, something that government does not how to do because of commitments to "Troika."

Currently companies with Greek participation here receive dozens of biographies of Greeks in Northern Greece, studied or worked in Bulgaria for some time.
It is evident that all or almost all of them are willing to put their work against a very competitive pay and of course in some cases less than what it receives in one market average Bulgarian citizen of Sofia. In other words, is seen a general trend of relocation of enterprises and officials from Greece to Bulgaria. A trend to which you may join and ordinary Greeks, mainly pensioners, who would like simply to reduce costs for its survival.

During the great migration in the 50's and 60's of last century after World War II and the civil war between the Democrats and the Communists ended in 1949, Greece had 20% unemployment, ie just such as media and analysts expect to see soon in the country. Neighborhood of Bulgaria and Greece and the Bulgarian economy, create prerequisites for the establishment of new Greek entrepreneurs here, as well as the activation of ordinary Greeks, the ability to provide specialized business in areas in which Bulgaria needs.

Should not be soft, however. Despite the difficult situation in which the Greek economy today in Greece there are many cash located in deposits in Greek banks (about 360 billion euros) or in foreign banks (about 1 trillion), which belongs to Greek investors.
Money from the Greek banks, however, leave the country at a pace of around 3 billion euros monthly, and the government is unable to stop this leakage. Only a small proportion of those entering the Bulgarian capital banks, but most are consumed in Switzerland and Britain.

Gradually, people are becoming more widely will be asked whether Bulgaria will be the next target for their emigration will choose where to go and what to do there. With some simple calculations, I believe that in Bulgaria will move more than 3000 enterprises in 2010 and 2011, which will transfer activities and investments of over three billion euros. Also, according to analysts, more than 30,000 Greeks might emigrate to Bulgaria in the next two years, when the crisis in Greece will become more noticeable.

Many of these people will be highly qualified specialists who will choose Bulgaria with a view to participate in its development and use of the opportunities which will probably open before them. Entrepreneurs and representatives of the professions will choose Bulgaria for the same reason, and because of its very favorable tax regime based on a single flat tax of 10% for natural and legal persons. Lowest in Europe!

Greece is experiencing a large migration of people and capital and one of them will go to Bulgaria, as in other neighboring countries, Romania and Serbia, as far as they continue to evolve. For the Greek economy is a tragedy, a real bloodletting of human potential and companies involved in shaping the country's wealth.

For Bulgaria and other countries is a challenge so far will be needed this many people and businesses to be integrated properly in their economies - something that is not easy and requires expertise and proper organization. This wave can not be stopped either by the Greek Government, nor by any other force - it dictates the natural need of people to live a better place and environment. For Bulgaria this exodus of people and resources will be in its favor as it will create new businesses and will be subject to new capital taxes which do not participate now in its economy.

What nobody had expected only a few years ago, ie "Better place to live and view of immigration to Bulgaria in comparison to Greece today is happening in the most visible way, and this trend is likely to grow in 2011 and 2012, when Bulgaria will be located in more better economic situation.

/ / Illustration is www.market-talk.net, which is published and the Greek version of Christ Murutis


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Ще има ли УТРЕ ? :: Футболът смърди като държавата ни

Ще има ли УТРЕ ? :: Футболът смърди като държавата ни: "- изпратено чрез Google Toolbar"OCCER stinks As a

The easiest way is to say that football is like the state and to finish this shameful issue. To continue as before to display to all and everything. After all, we are already accustomed.

Interesting, but gelosanite vazduhari the national team so I would have known of a possible contest in disco "Sin City," for example? Would not there to win chalga contest and become first-release and demonstration of crap? And would you be found worldwide, and more incompetent loser coach Stoilov Murray?

Now, after four to zero we can talk and write whatever you present, but no benefit. Just as politicians okradoha country, we swear on the forums in the net, but they do not even condemned them. The conclusion is very simple: society is not, and no country, no national team without a country and no wins. We're just a bunch of stressed beings of an area, like monkeys who emulate real countries. What football kvi five leva? We are ashamed to call ourselves Bulgarians soon go abroad, but these shmatarotsi wait to play for the honor of his homeland. They are the absolute mercenaries and by profession, and mentality. What actually taunt them? Not that I excuse them, but the same reason we may wonder why we have created a country for which a joy to play and give everything for the victory.

No matter how angry the BNT that once again the interests of the Bulgarian forward spectator cheer now that was good. Thus, fewer viewers are watching a pratfall manekencheta confused us. And the first that comes to my mind is when a national television broadcast is not the first match of the qualifications of the national team, to close this television as a national team does not play for the people close to the team, as some people do not deserve a country to be disbanded this country! And now comes the most important: which interests here brought to Bulgaria? Why do we abhor themselves from themselves? So we failed as a people and society? And immediately pull back. So I know very dignified and decent Bulgarians, they would be proud every country in the world. Why is the swamp everywhere around us? When I was little and I asked questions of adults, they preferred tempering: - grow older, you will understand! I do not know anything behind in their development, or anything near me, but they pass fifty, I feel grown up enough and do not get any responses from others, or find them yourself. Are increasing, but the answers are gone. It seems I would leave this world without daylight'm Bulgarian national psychology and especially "thinking" of our players. Hopefully at least someone else has nyasno with everything!

Krassimir Bachkovo

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